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As all of you know if you’ve been following along for a while or have spent any time with me in person, I’m an emotional bundle. Since the day I was born, I’ve been a dramatic individual with tendencies towards one extreme or another. I speak in hyperbole, I emote deeply, I get excited and disappointed very easily, and I have trouble seeing the bad when I’m happy – or the good when I’m sad.

I feel like a walking melodrama.


Peace and sunsets.

Peace and sunsets.

So sometimes on this blog, you get peppy upbeat me and sometimes you get depressive me, but no matter what you get super emotional me. This space turned a long time ago from a food blog to a Denver blog, and recently to an online diary that I tend to about as well as I tend to my plants. But no matter what, this is a space that gives me joy, pride, and a personal corner of the internet to treasure whenever I choose to visit.

My lovely new Indian rope plant!

Speaking of plants!

So today I want to get all emotional about something random. Look at my new plant!

Such an interesting thing!

So interesting and unique!

This new guy is called an Indian rope plant, or a Krinkle Kurl, which I cannot possibly bear to call such a lovely thing. It is very clearly my lack of a pet or hobby or sanity how much I’m love with this new guy, but I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten mushy gushy to strangers about this plant since I got it last week. My relationship to my plants has become pretty serious, except when I forget to water them for a week. One day, I really want to have an apartment full of plants – they keep your oxygen fresh, they make a room feel so cozy, and they are such good decoration! One day, I may also have an apartment full of cats, and that’s when you should really be concerned.

Other things I’ve been stoked on recently? SKIING.

Sunday Funday.

Sunday Funday with some new friends.

I’ve skied 7 days this season (so far!), and although I could easily be skiing every day if my schedule and lifestyle permitted, I’m pretty durned pleased with how often I’ve been able to get out. Almost every weekend since Arapahoe Basin opened! Each day I’ve felt more confident than the trip before, to the point where even my boyfriend (a badass snowboarder) commented on how much better I’ve become since last season. I feel better, which is the most important part of a sport where confidence and courage are half the battle. We’ll see what happens when the backsides of the mountain open up, though! I may end up being far less skilled that I imagine when push comes to shove. It’s finally snowing here, so I’m hopeful when I return from my extended Christmas vacation I can put my ski legs to the challenge!

Changing my life!

Changing my life!

Other new things that have been rocking my world outside of greenery and white stuff (erm…) include this amazing butcher block table I found on Craigslist a few weeks ago. I have little to no counter space in my new apartment and had been working on the charming but low vintage ceramic table that came with my kitchen. It made cooking less than enjoyable, honestly. Adding all this usable workspace to my routine has revolutionized my cooking in the past month. I’ve been photographing food again!

Hot oats in a jar with fresh strawberries.

Hot oats in a jar with fresh strawberries.

Despite the fact that I never blog about food anymore, I still do cook many of my meals.  At the very least, I make a legitimate breakfast every morning, including concoctions like the one above. Whipped banana oatmeal (courtesty of Kath) dumped hot into an emptyish almond butter jar and topped with fresh strawberries is a recent rave, along with my most favorite of breakfasts, fancy pancakes.

Sauteed apples with protein pancakes and

Cinnamon pears with pecans and eggy pancakes. 

I need to make more time for pancakes! So good! This past weekend I made sweet potato pancakes that were really stinkin’ ugly but super deslish and filling. I have been on a potato kick recently that started when I made Jenna’s potato chowder and probably ended when I overdosed on my friend Andrew’s gutbomb amazingness of a tartiflette, which I thoroughly enjoyed despite my suspected lactose intolerance. 

I roasted chiles for this and everything!

I roasted chiles for this and everything!

So anyway, earlier tonight, I had a really lovely dinner with a dear friend who is about to have a baby, and being around her was infectious. She is positive and upbeat and excited about the coming changes in her life, and it felt very nice to be around someone so pleasant and peaceful and grateful. Her new baby will be brand new at the beginning of 2013, which seems like a lovely date to mark the huge shift her life is about to take. I’m a big fan of new years, with new chapters and resolutions and celebrations to be had (my big 26 is coming up and woah that’s practically adulthood), and I’m ready to embark on 2013 and see what’s next for me, too. I’ve felt stagnant, I think, and something about January 1 gets me all revved up to tackle whatever is next.

I’m ready for it.


Bring it on, Denver.

If I don’t visit this space again before the holidays – I hope everyone has a lovely time. See you on the other side!

xoxo, Pamela