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Yes, that is a cat nose in my latte.

It seems the past 2 1/2 weeks (has it ONLY been that long???) have been a series of ups and downs, ups and downs, and unfortunately, today was a down. I woke up feeling like a million bucks after a great sleep (intense exercise and a cool breeze through the open windows while snuggling under awesome covers and a kitten will do that for you), but the day rapidly went downhill.

It was gray and dreary out, and motivation for this endless cycle of cover letters and resumes being sent out into space with virtually no hope of an answer was nowhere to be found. So I made breakfast, that always helps.

Two eggs in a single basket served with sunflowered and honeyed toast.

I also used my fancy new tool from IKEA to make a Ginger Peach latte. Win!

Super easy. Just froth and pour!

I seriously thought it was so pretty.


Eggs in a basket always remind me of my dad, who made this almost every weekend I spent on his farm. It did the trick for a while…until I realized that it was an hour later and I still hadn’t done anything.

Okay, I can be productive in other ways. So I went grocery shopping. Honestly, who else is at the grocery store that early in the morning? Well. Old ladies are at the grocery store. Along with folks I can only assume are unemployed, or work a shift job. In my state of mind, I was convinced I was shopping amongst the unemployed, and boy did that make me feel like crap. Also, I have a penchant for justifying food purchases to myself and spent way too much money.

I have a love/hate relationship with grocery stores.

So of course, with a freshly stocked kitchen, what else is there to do? I’m unemployed, I might as well cook real meals while I have time, right?

AMAZING $.59 cantaloupe!

So I chopped things. I find it to be refreshingly mind numbing, which was exactly what I needed today.


Who needs a mandoline when you have a killer knife?

Inspired by these two posts, I mixed my purchases together and came up with something special.

Mmm, corn tortillas.

Asian Chicken Tacos!

Chicken seared in sesame oil and shredded with radishes and cucumbers in a peanut dressing.

Obviously, you don’t need another photo.

But here it is anyway!

Not only were these tasty, but they were the first somewhat creative thing I’ve made in a LONG time. I really do not like food routines, and I actively seek ways to consume as many different ingredients as possible in a given day. Also, I seek comfort in food, so an hour in the kitchen was just what the doctor ordered.

Also, some unsolicited advice!

Pre-portion your meat for the freezer, and thaw only what you need!

Single girl tips, I got ’em. There’s plenty more where that came from.


As lunch only cheered me up for a while, I decided it was time to call in the big guns. YOGA. Luckily, a studio in the neighborhood had received good reviews and offered a free week for newcomers! Score!

Vital Yoga. It's so big!

I really liked the mix of young and old folks in the studio, as well as the skill range. It was a class called Vital Roots, which is a method that the owners, Micah and Desi Springer, developed on their own using a background in Bikram and Hatha yoga. It was a great and challenging class – I was sweating and shaking throughout! It wasn’t the same as my beloved Vinyasa flow, but it was great in its own way. I will definitely be back and see if I can’t deepen my practice in the next week!

Then, dinner.

Open-faced black bean burger with homegrown tomatoes and CORN.

Yup, another tomato from my garden! Woop woop! Also, the corn was on sale, so I snatched some up for these last days of summer. One thing I know to be true – if produce is on sale, it means it’s good. It goes on sale when there’s a lot of it, which happens during peak season, so when corn is 3/$1, no question I’m buying it. And this corn was EPIC. Sweet, juicy, crispy, SATISFYING. My mom’s easy method? Wrap it all up (husk on) in a dishtowel and microwave for a bit. I like mine a little undercooked, so I did 3 minutes. I think she does 5? Then let it sit in the towel until you’re ready to shuck it. Butter it up – perfection!

To wrap up the day, I ended up going for a walk with two girlfriends around my old stomping grounds, Wash Park. What is it about an evening walk that manages so effectively to wipe the day away? Plus, it’s cool outside, and I love walking in a scarf!

All in all, if today was a bad day – I’ll take it. I just wish, sometimes, that when I’m up, I could stay there. Like this.