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Forgive me, loyal readers, for I have been a straggling blogger these long and glorious Fall days. I imagine when winter comes, I’ll be more likely to blog at frequent and predictable intervals given my propensity to hibernate and snuggle with my cat on snowy, dark evenings.

Speaking of snow: it’s supposed to snow tomorrow.

Bipolar weather much, Denver?

Of course today is stunningly beautiful with no hint of a cold front, but from what I’ve heard, things change quickly around these parts. It’s just as likely to be snowy and cold as it is sunny and mild during the winter, which will be a nice change of pace from the dreary, rainy winter Nashville suffers year after year.

Yesterday was a nice and easy Monday. I took a break from working out which admittedly made me feel a little guilty (some evening yoga would have been pleasant), but it was nice to enjoy some relaxing time shopping with friends, bonding with my cat, and watching a movie.

The day dawned with one of the best breakfasts I’ve made in a WHILE.

Whipped banana oats with cottage cheese, blueberries, flax, almonds, almond butter, and granola.

If you’ve never made Kath’s Whipped Banana Oats, you’re missing out. That girl knows her oatmeal, and her recipe never fails.

Lunch rolled around, and it was actually kind of hot outside (in case you forgot, it’s supposed to SNOW tomorrow), so a few of us wandered to the picnic table to dine al fresco.

Our office's zen garden.

My lunch for the day consisted of leftovers, topped with a failed attempt to microwave-poach an egg.

Whatevs, it was still super tasty.

This meal was just as good the second time around. I think cauliflower rice is going to be making a more regular appearance in my life as long as I can find it relatively cheaply. A quarter of a small head made two meals for me! Worth it.

I ended up eating the grapes as a mid-afternoon snack – that plate of veggies filled me up mightily. WIN.

In other news, I downloaded the new iOS5 for my iPhone

Blowing up.

The way notifications appear on the screen makes me feel SO POPULAR when it’s all listed out like that. Let’s be honest, I felt like a badass yesterday when I checked and saw all that above. I’m totally not, rest assured – but I love to pretend. :)

After work, my crew packed up and headed out to a warehouse adventure.

One of my happy places.

Costco is such a fun place to visit. As a child, I associated it with buying giant bags of cranberries, cream puffs, and frozen chicken (all good things to a youth) along with a giant block of Parmigiano-Reggiano my mother and I would grind up and keep in a large Tupperware in the freezer. I would sit down with a fork, a book, and that epic bowl of cheese and just GO TO TOWN.

Ah, to be young again.

Our visit was highly fruitful – 2 big blocks of local Denver tofu for $3.19? Yes please! After walking around for a rather long time marveling at all the things we suddenly needed (a Crock-Pot! Pyrex mixing bowls! Down alternative pillows!), we plunked down with our laden shopping carts of vegetables, yogurt, and lentils (maybe that was just me…) to feast upon the cheap deliciousness of the food court.

Everything pizza. So good.

Unfortunately, after I ate this, I remembered why I had sworn it off the last time I ordered Costco pizza. It sits so heavy in my stomach and makes me feel gross and fat afterwards. I bid you adieu, greasy pizza. Don’t tempt me again, okay?

I just want to point something out – I had no alcohol yesterday. Yay, go me! Baby steps, right?


I promised you guys pictures of my place now that it’s more decorated than not. They’re darker than I would have liked – sorry about that.

My all-time favorite mirror. It's been with me through 3 different moves!

Some beautiful framed photographs from family friends.

My collage of vintage frames (thank you storage space under Mom's staircase!)

All together now!

It’s surprising how just a few pieces on the wall can alter a space so significantly. Suddenly, this room which had felt claustrophobic and cold turned warm and inviting. I ended up hanging a bunch of my father’s art in some of the nooks and crannies, and now it really feels balanced and rounded.

I may not love the apartment as much as I wish I did – but it doesn’t suck!

Have great Tuesdays, everyone! xoxo


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